Alphabet For Starters

Alphabet for Starters is our newest alphabet learning series.  Like Letter of The Week the goal is to play with letters, and expose our children to them, not to drill or test. Have fun with the letters but only if and when your child shows interest. All kids learn and develop in their own way and this series is a great example of that. My son loved cut and paste crafts as he was showing interest in letters but my daughter is much more into open play with the letters. So I have adjusted. Follow the posts here:

Alphabet Christmas Tree
Alphabet Garden
Alphabet Peg Dolls
Alphabet Playdough
Build With Letters
Disappearing Letters
Easter Egg Letters
Easy ABC Place Mat
Easy Touch & Feel Alphabet
Gardening For Letters
Letter Monsters
Letter Snowman
Letter Sorting Tree
Magic Letters
Move & Groove Alphabet Game
Peel & Pick Alphabet Apple Tree
Pound & Learn Alphabet
Sparkly Alphabet
Zoo Magnets