11 Easy Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids

christmas crafts for kids I love Christmas crafts and kids love making them. These Christmas tree crafts are all easy to do , inexpensive to make and educational too. Some make great add ons to Christmas gifts, can be used as gift tags or even ornaments. Many of these are the lucky crafts I actually keep and dig out every year to display and reminisce with my kids. Here are our favorites .

Recycled Christmas Tree Craft
Craft By Numbers – Pom Pom Tree
Salad Spinner Tree Ornament
Baby’s First Christmas Tree Craft
Fork Painted Christmas Tree
Shape Christmas Tree Craft
Button and Nail Christmas Tree
Hawaiian Christmas Tree
Bubble Wrap Christmas Tree
Ice Cream Cone and Candy Christmas Trees
Sticky Wall Christmas Tree


  1. says

    Thank you for putting these beautiful easy to do Christmas crafts all together. Love them all and they just perfect for abilities of my two little ones.

  2. says

    I’m only on my second Christmas with my kids. Last year at Thanksgiving I brought supplies for my kids and their cousin to make a Christmas tree craft. We did this one: http://mommyapolis.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/img_4146.jpg

    This year, I brought supplies to do this one:

    and then realized I had now officially started a tradition of making Christmas trees on Thanksgiving. So I’m definitely pinning this post for future years! Thank you!


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