Easy Ghost Crafts & Activities For Halloween

easy ghost crafts for kids

Even though Halloween costumes have been out in the stores for a month I still feel like it’s crept up on me. My youngest and I made a really cute Halloween craft yesterday that I will post it soon but today I wanted to share some of our favorite ghost crafts and activities.  Yesterday we got our Ghost Bottle Bowling game out and played for the first time since last year and it was just as much fun as it was when we first made it. Here it is with 10 other easy ghost crafts and activities.


Contact Paper Ghosts
Puffy Paint Ghost
Ghost Bottle Bowling
Banana Ghost Treats
Haunted House Math
Collage Ghost
Potato Print Ghost Garland
Marshmallow Ghost
Cookie Cutter Ghost Painting
Ghost Sugar Cookies
Sponge Painted Ghosts


Do you have a ghost craft to share? Add a link in comments!




  1. Emma says

    Hi There,

    The ghosts you have in the image at the top of this post “11 ghosts crafts” are too cute for words, but I can’t seem to find the link to the instructions. Are they available? I’d like to try this with my students if it’s not too difficult. Would you let me know if you have a moment?

    Thank you so much!


  1. […] Easy Ghost Crafts & Activities For Halloween: Get your Halloween spirit on with these eleven crafts bringing to life one of the most fun holidays of the year! Are you ready? Or is it creeping up on you?! […]

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