Big Kid Projects

One of my most frequently requested projects are ones for “Big Kids” no real age is ever given since Big is really relative but here are my projects that I have done with Sunday school, after school students and other “Big Kids” over the years. Some of these could be done with a young child with varying degrees of help and mess!

Recycled UFO

(seen above)

Sun Print

Milk Plug Ring

Masterpiece Magnet

Salt Art

All of these projects can be found under the “Ages 8 and Older” category. Looking for more big kid projects? Try the “Age 5 and Older” tab too! I try to add more of these projects in the summer when big kids are home from school, but now that I know they are in high demand- I’ll add them more frequently!


  1. says

    Ok the sun paper project is awesome. I have never heard of sun paper! Too cool! Would it be at like Michael’s or somewhere like that or Walmart? I don’t know where to look. Going to “help” the boys with this one since they are itty bitty yet.

    • admin says

      I got the sun paper at a teacher supply store- if Micheal’s has it it will likely be in the science area of the kids crafts. I am making a supply list post as we speak – hopefully travel willing ( still not home yet) I will have it on the list, with a link.

  2. says

    Thanks for all these great ideas! Also, thanks for adding the ages like you’ve been doing. I’m sure it is a lot of work, but it’s all very much appreciated.

  3. admin says

    You are so welcome Michelle, it has been some extra work but if it’s easier for you and other readers it’s worth it. I really appreciate you saying so !

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