20 Earth Day Crafts & Activities For Kids

easy earth day craft

When is Earth Day? It’s April 22nd , so it’s time to round up and share our Earth Day crafts and activities. What I love about Earth Day is that there are so many angles you can take. The 3 Rs – Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle is a great way to start . You can also focus on learning about how the Earth works, how we are taking from it and how we can try to give back . The Earth Day crafts for kids listed here are all hands on ways to teach your child about our beautiful planet.

Earth E
Nature Detectives
Newspaper Earth
Puffy Paint Earth
Make Recycled Paper At Home
Garden Sensory Tub
Coffee Filter Earth Garland
Recycled UFO
Recycling or Trash Sorting Game
Coffee Grounds Sensory Tub
Paper Beads ( from recycled flyers)
Recycled Crayon Candle
Earth Day Muffins
Recycled Crayons Using Solar Energy
Scrap Paper Confetti Earth
Trash Rainbow
Earth Day Tambourine
Table Top Recycling Center
Playdough Earths
Recycled Bird Feeder

Do you do anything special with your kids to celebrate our wonderful planet?

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