Math Activities

math activities for preschool

Sorting, shapes, patterning and of course counting are all activities that develop strong math skills. We are all aware of the importance of success in math throughout formal schooling years . Starting through play parents can help lay a positive foundation of something that so many of us struggle with later on. Here are some fun activities that can help create a love of numbers, order , shapes and patterns before they can decide they hate math!

Addition & Subtraction

Color by Number using addition and subtraction Printable
Hot Chocolate Math
Monster Math Craft
Nerf Gun Math
Pokemon Math
Sidewalk Chalk Number Line & Equations
Valentines Day Game & Craft


Bug Count & Match
Bug Hunt & Count
Candy Corn Counting
Counting Around The House
Cupcake Candle Counting
Flower Counting
Frankenstein Counting
Gold Hunt-Counting Coins Game
Ladybug Math
Guitar String Math
Toy Count & Match
Roll & Pound Math Game
Rocket Ship Spin & Count
Snake & Frog Roll & Count Game
Turkey Counting

Estimation Jars
Halloween Estimation Jars

Fact Families

Fact Family Turkeys


Connect 4 Fraction Game 

Graphing with Packing Peanuts
Halloween Graphing

Match Games
Autumn Squirrel Match
Cupcake Match Game
Egg Color Match
Number Match
Shell Match and Memory Game
Shell Matching


Measure With Lego

Button Numbers
Color by Number Christmas Tree Printable
Color BY Number Easter Eggs
Craft By Numbers
Elevator Numbers
Egg Carton Number Game
Gross Motor Number Game
Number N
Number Recognition – One to one correspondence
Paint & Peel Number Art
Roll & Count Game
Sorting The Mail Math Game

Clothes Pin Patterns
Halloween Patterns
Heart Patterns
Napkin Ring Necklace
Shoelace Necklace
Wrapping Paper Patterns

Place Value Activities
Place Value Robots

Number Line Activities

Sidewalk Chalk Number Line


DIY Geoboard
Gross Motor Shape Game
Hose It Down- Outside Shape Game
Hunt & Color Indoor Shape Hunt – FREE PRINTABLE
Magic Tape Shapes
Paper Heart Activities
Shape Banjo
Shape Boat
Shape Christmas Tree
Shape Detectives
Shape Dinosaur
Shape Four Leaf Clover
Shape Garbage Truck
Shape House
Shape Pizza
Shape Safari
Shape Scarecrow
Shape Snake
Shape Street Signs
Shape Sorting Game
Shape Sorting Game II
Shape Sun Catcher
Shape Turkey
Skyscraper Shape Sorting
Sort and Shape Heart

Skyscraper Shape Sort
Heart Sorting
Marshmallow Sorting
Mitten Match
Pom Pom Sorting
Recycling Center Sorting
Season Sorting
Shape Sorting Game
Shape Sorting Game II
Sort and Shape Heart


Lego Math Game
Roll & Add Monster Math
Roll & Pound Math Game
Tally Mark Dominoes & Speedracer Game

Math Story Time

Books About Math